No Worries


Did you know that God actually classifies Worry as a Sin?
Matthew 6:25, says: “Do not worry about your life.”

Our many problems we have in life, are never too big for our God to handle. God is not intimidated by your problems!

So instead of telling God how BIG your problems are, start telling your problems how big GOD is!

Can anyone by worrying add a single hour to your life?

Each day has way too many troubles on it’s own.

“You do you realize that you are worrying about something that I have already worked out?” – God

(All of the quotes from above were based off the message, “Consider the Source” from Elevation church by Pastor Steven Furtick)

With all this being said, I have always struggled with worry! My whole life in school, I would worry about papers, exams, grades, practice, games…etc. I mean it’s hard to NOT worry. Especially being a cheerleader and trying out crazy new stunts and worried if they will stick it at the games & competitions! I would always worry that just because we would hit the routine perfectly during practice that would we still end up falling at games in front of our peers! (Teenagers worry a lot I tell you!) But NOT worrying does not mean that you do not study for that test or practice for the game. It means that we still give it our all & practice but we have to trust God because He always knows the outcome!

Those were my small worries I had in school. NOW I could have a whole new set of worries.. I mean I have a husband in the service, living in a new town, having to make new friends, making sure I’m being the best wife I can be…etc. The crazy thing is that all of these worries are SO MUCH BIGGER than what I was faced with it in my school days. BUT I have way more peace about my problems NOW than I did THEN! I mean I have grown up struggles now! When I start to worry, I just LOOK BACK, and see that God has always provided & taken care of me in the past, why would He just stop now? I’m where I’m supposed to be right now, God has a plan that will unfold one day. Examples on how God has been there for Jonathan & I in our first (crazy) year of marriage…Let’s see where to begin! We ended up buying our first home, then finding out that it was not where we needed to be, especially with Jon gone all the time, So we found a new town that would be perfect for raising a family & that would be a lot safer! We listed the house for sale, with lots of prayer from Jon & I, my family, his family, and the entire church family & three weeks later we had a buyer! Um…what?!?! Yeah, you try to tell me that God wasn’t a part of that! Oh and when we moved to our new town, I found a job in weeks (that I love) AND to top it all off, a friend from college (Brenna) told me that her best friend (Tiffany) & her hubby (Jeremy) from LIBERTY lives in our new town & that I would love them! Jon & I met up with them at church that week. We had instant friends from our college! I can’t tell you how much of a blessing Tiffany has been!! Not only do I have a close friend who shares my love of sushi, yoga, coffee, juicing, watching Netflix for hours,…the list literally goes on BUT she shares my love for GOD! I can actually talk with her for hours & have meaningful conversations! Oh and let me say my hubby’s worries have been about his wife… for me to feel safe, find a job, find friends etc.. so this was also a huge weight off Jon’s shoulder’s which means the world to me because he takes on so much as it is, so for him to not have to worry about my safety and happiness is amazing!

Anyways having shared ALL that, God provides & takes care of his children! If anyone is having struggles with worry, just look what God has provided me with in the past couple months! There is no need for worry! When worrying starts to happen, starting praying, find a verse, watch an old sermon, call your best friend or your CEO (chief encouraging officer) & I promise your worries will go away!

Hope this post has encouraged someone today, even if its just one person!!

Just Remember to Relax & Enjoy Life!!






(Pictures: from Pinterest)


12 Tips on How to Beat Hypoglycemia


For as long as I could remember I would get shakiness, highs and lows, dizziness and just feel like I couldn’t move without being sick at times. One weekend my husband and I went out of town to do some shopping and the shakiness hit me really bad;  that’s when Jon said, you’re going to the Dr whether you like or not! Everyone that knows me, know I hate going to the Dr! But I went & had a physical done, & 3 tubes of blood later, it was determined I had Hypoglycemia. The doctor simply told me to go “Paleo” and avoid all sweets, sugars, breads, dairy…etc.  So I tried the Paleo diet in my own way and I have to say I have had NO highs & lows! No dizzy spells! I can’t tell you how much more energy I have now! It’s crazy that I suffered for years with this and it all changed with altering my diet!

My 12 tips for beating Hypoglycemia:

1. No Breads! Stay away from grains! Bread just doesn’t keep me full long enough and is normally loaded with sugars.

2.  Almonds!! Keep snacks on hand at ALL times! I used to keep granola bars in my purse, but these were not helping me at all! Way too much sugar for me! I have found that the best snack on earth to keep on hand is ALMONDS! I always have a can in my purse! The other day,  Jon and I had to wait forever for many appointments we had, causing us to miss lunch! Which if you are Hypoglycemic, you know that’s an awful feeling, luckily I had my almonds, just popped a few in my mouth and I was good to go until 5 o’clock!

3.  No more pancakes or doughnuts for breakfast for me! This one is hard because I lovvve my Saturday morning pancakes with my husband! But I know I will just feel sick later!

4. Flaxseed!! Flaxseed has been a life savor!! Every morning, I make a smoothie & add two large tablespoons of organic ground flaxseed and it keeps me full until lunch!

5. Unsweetend Vanilla Almond Milk!! Love this stuff! I use it to make my shakes, and whatever I’m cooking with that day! And it’s only 30 calories a glass!

6. Hummus!! This has become my favorite snack or meal! It keeps me very full!!

7. Carrots!! I always keep carrots on hand! (I get the carrot chips, great for dipping my hummus!)

8. Water! H20! This one sounds so simple but it’s so vital! Water, Water, Water!!! I always have a water bottle in hand now, at any given time of day! I even splurge on getting Smart Water a couple times a week, since the bottles are so large.

9. Spinach!! Organic Baby spinach is my favorite. I get a large container a week. Great for salads and for throwing a hand full in my shakes!

10.  Egg Whites! This has been a great source of protein for me. I don’t crash afterwards either. I like to make about 4 egg whites, 3 slices of fresh turkey and pepper for taste.

11. No sugars! This one is hard because, there is nothing I love more than eating ice cream with my husband! I also love baking! Since we have been married I have baked so many goodies with my Kitchen Aid! Also, My hubs has a major sweet tooth (like me) so this one has been an adjustment.

12. 80%. This is what works for me. I do this diet 80% of the time! This way I can still go out to eat with friends  & family, or I can have a small bowl of ice cream with the hubs every once in awhile! For the first 2 weeks after being diagnosed, I did 100% paleo and felt amazing! But then my husband came home and wanted to eat something other than veggies & turkey! So I let myself do 80% and I promise I still feel awesome! It’s all about portions; just don’t go crazy on bread, sugar or dairy on your cheat meals!

5 New Years Resolutions to Keep in 2014


Here are my 5 New Years Resolutions I’m GOING Keep in 2014!

1. Naturally Simple Products

What I mean by naturally simple is next time you buy any product this year check the label first. If there are a million gazillion ingredients in your product, you might want to rethink what you are purchasing. I suggest starting simple like when your soap runs out try a more simple soap for your next purchase or better yet why not try making your own simple soap? So far I have swapped out my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, makeup and deodorant to natural brands. What are you going to swap out in 2014?

2. Religiously Sticking to Your Workouts

By this I mean, don’t start off 2014 by running all week and then STOP and then start again a few months later and STOP. I am embarrassed to admit this but this was definitely me in 2013, I would start and stop but never fully committed. So this year I am fully committed to working out 5 times a week all year long! My exercises of choice are doing Hot Yoga and Running. My husband has already got me some LuLuLemon yoga clothes and new Brooks running shoes so I don’t have any excuses now! What is your excise of choice for 2014?

3. Buy Local

This one sounds fun to me since I live in a town where everyone has a local business. The little town we live in is very Gilmore Girl like and I love it! Everyone goes to goes little event of the town. I really want to start getting our vegetables from the Farmer’s Market on Thursdays. When driving down the road, you will see farms that have signs saying, “Our produce is sold at the Fresh Market!” Southern Pines offers lots of local restaurants, diners, & coffee shops, so in 2014 I tend to try out most of them when I’m not cooking dinner. So support your town and local entrepreneurs!

4. Worry Less

Having a hubby that is active duty in the military will tend to make a wifey worry at times. I know that Jon is doing what he is passionate about so that really helps me handle this Army life. So this year I am going to cast all my worries to God this year and not go crazy worrying about every little thing and know that God is in control. Great verse: 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”.

5. Read More Books

I really want to be that couple that lays in bed at night reading together rather then both of us on our MacBooks (which is pretty normal at the moment). I have lot of great reads I have gotten as gifts so I plan to read all of them this year! Bonus- I have also heard that reading at night rather than being on anything electronic will help you fall asleep faster and have a much better night’s rest. What books will you be reading in 2014?

*I hope this post will motivate you to write down 5 goals to start in 2014 and make the best of this year! I’d love to hear some of your resolutions for 2014!

D.I.Y. Coffee Bar


Happy Monday!!

Today I am sharing our DIY Coffee Bar! This is my favorite part of our home! When Jonathan and I were engaged he was living in our home alone, and he saw where I had pinned this idea of having a coffee bar. Well..My future hubby went to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect pieces for a coffee bar (all by himself, seriously how precious is he?!). When we finally got married, we had so much fun putting the coffee bar together and finding the perfect coffee decor for the coffee bar! Since then, we have moved to a new town, which was great because I was able to start over again with the coffee bar and make it over again! 






Here is the Breakdown on what was used to this personalized DIY Coffee Bar:

1.Table & Hanging Piece (HobbyLobby)

2. Keurig K65 Single Serve Brewer, Special Edition

3. Coffee Pod Drawer Holder

4. Anthropologie HomeGrown Monogram Mug 

5. Mug Holder 

6. Cox Est. Sign- Very Jane (This site is great, however the items change daily!)

7. Kate Spade Striped Mugs- Can be found on E-bay here

8. Monogramed Napkins//Good Morning Gorgeous Mug (TJMaxx finds)

9. Starbucks Mugs

10. Coffee Canister// Hanging White Heart- Pier 1 (old)

11. Chalkboard Canisters- World Market

12. Paper Straws (Leftovers from our Wedding!)

I hope this helps & inspires yall to create your own DIY Coffee Bar!!


Yaya’s Southern Salmon Patties


Growing up I LIVED off my Yaya’s famous southern salmon patties. I remember watching her make them in the kitchen and how her kitchen always smelled when making them. Well the other day I was talking to Yaya and said I wanted to make her salmon patties! My kitchen smelled just like hers and the husband LOVED them! So these babies will have to be a regular in our kitchen!

photo photo photo photo photo photophoto


2 cans of salmon

1 sleeve of ritz crackers

3 eggs

1/2 of a white or sweet onion

pinch of salt and pepper

First thing you want to do is clean your salmon, meaning take out all the bones and black stuff! This whole recipe requires a lot of using your hands so be prepared to get messy! Now the hard part is over! In a separate bowl crack and beat up 3 eggs then crush up your sleeve of ritz crackers in the eggs. Chop up the onion super fine! You can use a whole onion or half, I used half because the hubs is not a fan of lots of onion.  Add onion to egg mixture now add your cleaned up salmon, then some salt and pepper.  Now you want to get your dough ready. Make balls about 2 inches. Once you have made all of the balls with your dough now you are ready to cook! I used two pans to cook mine. So lightly add some Olive Oil to your pan and keep on medium heat (5 is good). Once pan is hot, take dough balls and flatten them to “patties”, Lastly cook the patties till both sides are golden brown! Then enjoy with some ketchup! 🙂

A Bride and Her Boo’s

Cox 310 Cox 313Cox 290

Seriously, I had the best bridesmaids! They made my wedding day so special! Before the wedding day, It was days of girl time and pampering, from going out on the town, going to the salon, sharing lots of laughs and stories about marriage, throwing me one last shower, having a giant sleepover every night, just basically much needed girlfriend time and relaxation before the biggest day of my life! I love each one of you so dearly!

Details: Wedding Dress was an Allure Design. Bridesmaid Dresses were J.Crew, simple& classic. My Bouquet was simply peonies that smelled amazing ,My Favorite Flowers. Girls Bouquet had white and green hydrangeas & big garden roses. My Jewels were my something borrowed from Guven’s , I had my real life Princess Kate moment & was able to pick out whatever diamonds I wanted to wear for my wedding, thank you so much Mr. Guven! Bridesmaid Jewels were matching Kate Spade bracelets and whatever pearl necklace they picked out! My Shoes were Kate Spade “Glam” & were a surprise from my hubs!

Cox 335 Cox 273 Cox 277 Cox 279 Cox 282 Cox 284 Cox 287 Cox 292 Cox 296 Cox 289 Cox 286 Cox 293 Cox 317 Cox 298 Cox 324 Cox 301 Cox 322 Cox 326Cox 305Cox 306Cox 302Cox 070Cox 072Cox 032Photos by: Lynn Brown 

Shake it Up!


Happy Monday Everyone!! Needing an extra pick me up for the beginning of your work week? Try out my favorite shake that is oh so delicious!

Shakes for after your morning workouts are the best. I normally wake up (at 5a.m.), grab a cup or two of coffee, Then I hit the gym about an hour or so later. Work out super hard that way I have EARNED my shake! This yummy shake is so simple and easy to make. Also, When I lift a lot of weights or do Crossfit, I add a scoop of whey protein too.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake 


1 Banana

3/4 a cup of Almond Milk

2 TBSP of all natural Peanut Butter

1 TBSP of your choice of Chocolate syrup or powder

1 cup of Ice

Blend, Add a Fun Paper Straw & Enjoy!


Love is Sweet

Cox 576

Here is my non-traditional wedding reception! Jonathan and I both have a major sweet tooth problem, so we wanted to have a “Love is Sweet” type of reception filled with several sweets and treats! We wanted a fun reception and also for every guest to go home in a sugar coma!

This was not a sit down formal reception. We set up stations throughout the church’s (North Metro) fellowship hall. The stations included: a photo booth, candy station, his and her cake station, coffee bar(Alexa’s Cafe complete with monogram cups and napkins), lemonade with fresh lemon slices, classic glass Coke bottles, cookie bar, cobbler bar and last but not least an ice cream bar complete with several toppings!

Cox 088Cox 091Cox 578Cox 581Cox 597Cox 634Cox 094Cox 093Cox 084Cox 081Cox 633Cox 629Cox 657Cox 672Cox 670Cox 688Cox 691Cox 717Pictures taken by: Lynn Brown